Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions. Their products dominate both the PC operating system and office suite markets globally and are essential in today’s business world. The skills to administer Microsoft networks are always in demand.

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certifications are an industry standard certifications that are recognised worldwide, and are highly valued in the workplace. Internationally recognised, Microsoft Certifications will broaden your career opportunities whether you are taking your first steps into IT or looking to advance further in the industry.

1Pv6 training covers the three Microsoft levels of learning: Professional level, Associate level and Expert level as detailed below:

Certification Paths Associate Expert
Windows 7
Server Infrastructure
Windows Server 2008
Private Cloud
Windows Server 2012

1Pv6 offers a range Microsoft Certification courses that can ensure you have the skills and competence to embark on a career in IT regardless of your current level of experience. Our instructors are experienced industry professionals who bring up-to-the-minute scenarios to the classroom so our students can get a taste of the work that is relevant in the industry today. Classroom learning is supplemented with practical hands on labs wherein students experience the use of industry grade equipment.

Microsoft Courses

MCSA Windows 7

MCSA Windows Server 2008

MCSA Windows Server 2012

MCSE Server Infrastructure

MCSE Private Cloud

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