The 1Pv6 Job Assistance Program is committed to helping students embark on rewarding and lucrative careers as they prepare to face the challenges of the real world. Some of the benefits include expert guidance and training that will secure candidates with globally recognised qualifications which are relevant in the industry today; introduction to industry experts and the opportunity to become part of our alumni, experience in troubleshooting current industry scenarios, CV and interview prep; as well as higher than average starting salaries.

We offer 2 course packages that are designed to maximise a candidates potential and secure a place in the IT work industry:

Professional Expert Computer Networking Program (2yrs)

Professional Systems Engineering Program (1yr)

These courses consist of customised certification training courses, designed specifically to maximise candidate’s career opportunities. We follow industry trends and ensure that students’ learning is tailored to the requirements of the IT job market. All training utilises hands-on and virtual practice labs featuring the latest equipment. Our students thus have the opportunity to experience current real-world, relevant scenarios to help prepare them for work in the industry. 1Pv6 utilises an innovative and flexible training methodology that has transformed the way students learn, retain and apply new knowledge. We offer unprecedented flexibility and support and work with candidates who are trained to acquire skills and proficiencies to give them an edge in the industry.

Our instructors take pride in the fact that they have personally helped over 400 students to achieve their potential with earnings in excess of £45k.

The process:

1Pv6 helps candidates to explore and discover their options and choose the perfect career path.

We focus on skills, personal qualities and competencies which will contribute towards candidate’s employability. We offer industry standard up-to-the-minute scenario lab sessions to facilitate an enjoyable and positive work experience that encourages candidates to become more confident in their abilities. Candidates can thus gain insight about the different employment options available and how to access them, including recruitment processes. In addition, we support candidates in building a network of contacts.

On attaining the necessary skills and proficiencies, 1Pv6 further supports candidates with the assistance of our industry experienced personnel who conduct mock interviews and seminars to familiarise candidates with current hiring procedures and practices. We also ensure candidate resumes are sent to partner firms seeking to recruit skilled workers.

Our specialists are on call to facilitate understanding of how your prior experience and training needs will fit in with your job and career goals. The program includes all the support necessary to allow candidates to learn, grow and succeed in the world of IT. If you would like 1Pv6 to help you gain understanding of, and further build your strengths, so you can focus on the career track that’s best for you, call now on 020 3086 8999